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Gelim, the new name for Ptolemy Mann Rugs


Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. We have carefully sourced the best weavers and dyers to create our beautiful and unique rugs. All of our flatweaves are made in India near Varanasi, by an extraordinary company who are a member of Goodweave and use only the best New Zealand and Sardinian wool. Using several different types of loom these pieces are made in small workshops under excellent conditions. Each rug is hand-dyed and meticulously hand-finished.

Our gelims are made using an ingenious dip-dyed technique, where each piece is dyed and woven individually to create the spectacular colour graduations. Uniquely double sided, our flatweaves are perfectly mirrored on each side, with no visible knots and can be turned over whenever necessary.

Our hand knotted pile rugs are hand-dyed and made in Nepal by dedicated weavers who Rugmaker have worked with for over 25 years. Each rug is carefully hand-knotted on upright frame looms then cut, washed and hand-finished. Available in either 100 or 60 knot quality. The beautiful craftsmanship can be seen on the reverse of the rug, where each knot is clearly visible .

We recommend using underlay with all of our rugs as this keeps them flat and secure against any hard surface or fitted carpet on which they are positioned. Underlay is supplied free of charge for all UK shipped rugs.